How To Run a YouTube Giveaway with GimmyIt

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How To Run a YouTube Giveaway with GimmyIt

If you run a YouTube channel and you haven’t tried our giveaway tool yet, this tutorial will show you how easy it is to run one!

Best of all, our tool is free for everyone to use right now. All you have to do is create an account here and you’ll be brought to the dashboard of the giveaway tool.

GimmyIt Dashboard

The dashboard shows you your currently running and previously ended giveaways. With a fresh account, you won’t have any listings here.

Instead you’ll see a link to start a brand new giveaway.

Before you proceed with that, let me show you what a populated dashboard will look like:

GimmyIt Dashboard

The columns are pretty self explanatory so I won’t go into detail about each one but as you can see, this view allows you to see the performance of all of your giveaways at a glance.

Giveaway Creation Wizard

Everything you need to start a YouTube giveaway is on this page, neatly tucked away in its respective section.

GimmyIt Create New Giveaway

There’s only actually very few fields that are required to run your giveaway and all of the required ones are in the basic info section:

Step 1: Basic Giveaway Info

GimmyIt Giveaway Basic Info

Title (required) – In this field, put the title of your giveaway! This will appear at the top of the landing page and also the URL of your giveaway.

Description – Fill out this field to tell visitors what your giveaway is about and what they’ll be entering for!

Start Date – If you want your giveaway to begin at a future date, you can select the date here.

End Date (required) – Next, select the date you want your giveaway to end at. In the future, we’ll add the ability to select time zone and the exact time of day you want it to end.

Step 2: Giveaway Video and Images

Giveaway video and images

YouTube Video URL – You have the option of embedding a YouTube video to introduce the giveaway, your channel or the prizes.

Images – Here, you can upload up to three images that will be shown on the giveaway landing page. Most often, these spots are used to highlight the giveaway prizes.

Step 3: How do people enter the giveaway?

Giveaway entry rules

Require Facebook Like – Ask users to like one or more Facebook pages to enter the giveaway.

Require Twitter Follow – Ask users to follow one or more Twitter pages to enter the giveaway.

Require Retweet – Ask users to retweet a custom message to enter the giveaway.

Suggest YouTube Subscribe – Because it’s against the terms and conditions of YouTube to require subscribing as part of entry, you have the option of adding a YouTube widget with your channel to suggest that the user should subscribe.

Step 4: Giveaway Customization

Giveaway customization

Foreground Color – There are two foreground themes to select from, Light or Dark. This will be the color of the foreground panel that the text, images and video sit on.

Background Color and Image – Next, you can set up a background color and image (and whether that image should tile or not) that’ll reside beneath the foreground panel.

Logo Image – And lastly, you can add an image for your logo. If you do this, the logo will be shown instead of the text title.

Step 5: The Legal Stuff

Giveaway Legal Stuff

Terms and Condition – In this field, you can add your terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you fill this field out, there’ll be a link underneath the entry button for the user to read this text.

Hit That Submit Button!

Now you’re finished customizing your giveaway and you can launch it!

Hit Submit and you’ll get a landing page based on what you’ve filled in.

Here’s one that I’m currently running.

CodeWithChris June Giveaway

I could’ve added a video embed but I didn’t have time to create one and wanted to get this giveaway started. When I do record a video, I can simply edit this giveaway and add the video embed.

Let’s take a look at the giveaway management tools now.

Managing Your Giveaway

Back in the Giveaway Dashboard, you can simply click on the giveaway you want to see the details for and you’ll be brought to a page like this:

CodeWithChris June Giveaway Details

On this page, I can see all of the entries and furthermore, I can edit, delete or select random winners with a click of a button.

This makes it extremely easy for me to do the winner selection when the time comes.

The non-GimmyIt way of selecting winners involves having to visit various websites to select a random number and then mapping it to the corresponding row of a manually managed excel document. No way.

Embed Your Giveaway

Farther below on the same page, you’ll find the embed code specific to your giveaway.

You can use this code to embed the landing page in a blog post or page on your website!

Giveaway Embed Code

Start Your Own Giveaway!

Everything I’ve mentioned in this article is free. We’re not charging anyone to use this tool because we use it ourselves and simply decided to offer it to the public!

Once you create an account, you’ll arrive at the dashboard and have the option to create a giveaway just like I’ve outlined above. Take advantage of it! 🙂

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