SteelSeries has worked with Game Mob in running a product giveaway for the latest Stratus iOS Controller. This really cool gadget allows players to sync up wirelessly with their iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth and play a host of games.

Game Mob utilized the Gimmy It platform for social entries across Facebook and Twitter, while encouraging activity in the comment section under the video itself.

This allows Game Mob to not only effective grow their subscriber base on YouTube, but spread the word across multiple social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Check out the giveaway page (Not Live)


    1. csgobl4ze
      March 31, 2016

      i use steelseries gear and i love them 🙂 i got mouse, mousepad and headset

    2. HyperTobaYT
      May 14, 2017

      OMG so good stuffs i really want it ;0

    3. TheGangstarGames
      August 11, 2017


    4. rayhan nafis zaky
      April 5, 2018


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