Adobe After Effects allows you to create cinematic visual effects and motion graphics. Mikey Borup has a growing channel that provides in-depth tutorials of creating your own animated experience.

Mikey Borup has used the Gimmy It for multiple giveaways for After Effects products and software. Below, Mikey partnered with AE Sweets to carry out a detailed review and giveaway to his subscribers.

With a goal of not only growing his subscriber base, but also his Twitter following, he collaborated on a multiple entry giveaway in which users would also follow the @AESweets account. With all the entries, Mikey has further strengthened his social presence and his ability to reach out to his audience.


    1. Zap Playz
      February 13, 2018


    2. Manisha Bhati
      September 15, 2018


    3. judyisachef
      March 26, 2019


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