How To Find Popular Tags For YouTube

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How To Find Popular Tags For YouTube

Do you know what YouTube tags are? If you don’t, then you should definitely read this article and find out because you may be missing out on a lot of views!

Tags are basically those keywords that you add to your video when you upload it to YouTube.

Adding tags during YouTube upload

You’re allowed to add a bunch of tags here which YouTube will use to determine what your video is about and when they should display your video in the search results if someone performs a search.

In the previous article about how to maximize the visibility of your video, I showed you how I do some keyword research to find relevant tags with a high number of searches to add to my videos.

In this article, I’ll show you how to discover what the best tags your competition or other people in your niche are using.

With these two techniques combined, you’ll be able to build a popular YouTube tags list for your niche in no time!

So in order to find the tags that your competitor is using, you can use one of these two methods. The first method is to use a Chrome extension called VidIQ Vision and the second is to simply look into the source code of the YouTube page to find them.

Using VidIQ Vision

VidIQ Vision Chrome extension

The VidIQ Chrome extension is free and can be downloaded here. On that page, click the blue “Install for Chrome” button.

After it’s installed, you might have to restart your Chrome browser before it’s going to work. After restarting, go to your favorite popular YouTube video and you’ll see a bar that looks like this beside your video.

VidIQ Vision Bar

Can you guess which popular video this is?

And if you look farther down the info panel, you’ll see the list of tags this video is using all the way at the bottom.

VidIQ Vision Info

This video may not be the best example of tag use but try this on some popular videos in your own niche to find the tags which will be valuable for your video!

View Source on YouTube

This second technique doesn’t require any extra plugins or software. You simply bring up the HTML code for the video page and search through the code for the tags.

On each browser, the option to view the HTML code is a little different so I’ll outline the most popular browsers below:

View Page Source on ChromeOn the YouTube page, simply right-click on an empty area on the YouTube page to find the View Page Source menu item.

View Page Source on FirefoxOn the YouTube page, simply right-click on an empty area on the YouTube page to find the View Page Source menu item.


In Safari, you won’t find that menu option right away. You have to turn on Developer Mode first. It’s simply a checkbox in your preferences menu.

Go to Safari preferences and then in the Advanced tab, make sure the checkbox at the bottom Show Develop menu in menu bar is enabled.

Safari - Show develop menu in menu bar

After that, you can go to the YouTube page and right-click on an empty area and you’ll see the Show Page Source menu item.

View Source on Chrome

Now that you’re viewing the raw HTML code for the YouTube page, hit Command+F (or CTRL+F on Windows) and search for keywords.

You’ll see something like the below screenshot:
YouTube tags in HTML source

Those are the keywords right there!


With great power comes great responsibility! Be careful not to spam tags and only add those that are relevant to your video. Proper tagging can greatly increase the visibility of your videos so make sure that you take some time to discover some great keywords for your video!

Thanks for reading and if this article helped you, please share it with others!