New YouTube Creator Tools Shared at Vidcon

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in YouTube Marketing | No Comments

According to TechCrunch, a number of new creator tools will be coming soon for YouTubers.

YouTube Creator Studio App (Android, Coming Soon to iOS) 

Allows user to manage their page via a native application.

Google Play Link: Download Here.

More Audio Files and Sound Effects

More Royalty free sound effects available for use.

60 FPS

Especially good for game footage in HD, YouTubers can share videos at 60 FPS, which makes a nice little difference for your viewers.

Fan Funding

Coming soon is the ability to raise funds from your audience for your support.

Creator Credits

As there is lots of collaboration, YouTubers can easily link to other collaborators that worked on the video.

Fan-Submitted Subtitles

Great way for catering to your fans that speak a different language.

Annotations to Cards

A better way for annotating your videos.

More Ways to Playlist

Supposedly a more creative offering for people to find your playlists.