How To Gain More YouTube Views

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As we mentioned in another previous post, in this day and age of YouTube, standing out by focusing on your niche will help you develop the audience early on. However, you want to create videos that they can enjoy time and time again.

Here are some basic strategies to help you get your videos out there. Some of these require push versus pull strategies.

PULL STRATEGIES – Bring the Viewers to Your Video

Using the Right Metatags

We’ve pulled together some strategies and recommendations of using the right metatags. This is very important for timely videos, thus getting it uploaded but with quality will earn you a lot of views early on.

Create a Descriptive and Engaging Titles

Titles are like headlines in the newspaper thus using the right ones will capture their attention. However, you do not want to using extreme ‘click bait’ titles such as ‘HOW TO FIGHT A LION’ but then having a video of you talking the entire time. People remember those experiences and it will stick in their memories.

Grow Your Social Media Following

YouTube is the Google but for videos. But, nowadays, even mainstream media knows the importance of social media for content views. Unless we know what we are looking for by searching the search engine, a way to get your content out there is by social sharing.

 With the strategies involved in growing your social media presence, it’s important to build and nuture these platforms so you can push out content on timely basis.

 Ask for your early fans to share a video of yours. Connect with other YouTubers. But with all that said, focus on the content you’ve created for your fans.

Link to Other Videos

Leverage older videos whether it’s in a series or a playlist that connect the dots. This can lead to your viewer to dive into a number of your videos in one sitting.

PUSH STRATEGIES – Bring the Videos to Your Viewers


It’s really that simple. Ask people to view your video as well as share it. Not only personally, but include the ask within your video along with comments. You want to ensure a good discussion is going on under your video as it shows that people found interest in the topic you are discussing.

Share Your Videos on Social Media

Share your videos at the peak moments of the day. Keep in mind who your audience is and what times you expect them to be at the computer to view videos for entertainment or for content related to your field. Keep in mind of that various time zones as well. You may want to consider tools such as Buffer, where you can schedule your posts.

Do not have much of a following? Growing a following takes a lot of work and persistence, but also by sharing quality tweets. Don’t just tweet about your day and things that do not matter. Be a resourceful feed of industry related content and positive vibes.

Using the Right Hashtags 

Hashtags are important, especially for most industries. You want to keep these hashtags simple but also utilize words that are commonly hashtagged by others. Remember, Twitter is not the only use of hashtags as well, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest leverage hashtags.

Create an E-mail List

Running a giveaway is the best way to capture e-mail lists or if you own a blog, ensuring you have a side widget that allows readers to subscribe. Unfortunately, you will not be able to place it on your YouTube channel, thus having other methods to create that e-mail list will lead to invaluable future benefits for future promotion.

But be careful, do not spam your audience and give them an option to unsubscribe. Nothing is more annoying that a cluttered inbox.

Post on Syndication Sites and Forums

There are sites and communities out there for your industry, you’ll just have to dig deep. For example, for gamers, you can share your videos on Also, there are plenty of forums out there but be sure to join the forums and participate prior to sharing any of your videos.

Post on Reddit

Find niche Reddit groups to your industry and post on there. Be sure to also stay active in case any comments come through regarding your video.

These strategies will not necessarily get you a million views right away. But keep in mind, quality videos have a longer shelf life than low quality videos. Thus, if you maintain persistence and continue to build upon your craft, your subscribers and viewers will increase.



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