Five Tips To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

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Five Tips To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

I remember when I first started out as a creator on YouTube, it took me a long time to record, edit and upload my first video. I felt like king of the world when I hit that publish button!

Unfortunately, what happens is that the initial feeling of accomplishment will fade and then you realize that no one really cares that you uploaded your first video!

As harsh as that sounds, it’s kinda true! No one has discovered your great personality or content yet and your first video will probably get only a handful of views after the first few days.

This article is about five things that I did to get over the discouragement and get my first 100 YouTube subscribers.

1. Tip the odds in your favor to get discovered

I wrote an article about ways that you can increase the chances of being found when someone is searching for the topic that your video is based on. Follow those guidelines to put your best foot forward!

2. Share your video!

I don’t know about you, but I was petrified of telling anyone about my new found hobby. Fear of criticism and rejection is normal and I’ll bet that every seasoned YouTube publisher out there has had to overcome this hurdle.

So hit that share button or tell your friends in person when you talk with them. You’ll be surprised at how supportive everyone is, even if you don’t think your first video is that great!

3. Thank people for subscribing

Inevitably, YouTube will send some viewers your way who are searching for what your video is about. A fraction of those viewers will subscribe to your channel and by default (I don’t know if this is still the default setting), you’ll get an email when someone subscribes.

Go to that person’s profile and leave them a thank you note for subscribing! I did this until I couldn’t keep up with the number of people who were subscribing everyday.

It’s a personal touch and sometimes, it’s enough to keep them coming back, to leave comments, to like and to share your video. All of these types of interaction will increase your video rankings and get you more views which translates to more subscribers!

4. Reply to every comment

This is going to be hard when you start getting more and more comments, but try your damnedest to reply to everyone. Not all YouTube publishers do this so if you DO, it makes a really good impression and builds a loyal viewer.. and what do loyal viewers do? They comment, like and share which translates to… you get the idea 🙂

5. Post more videos

People like to see that you’re a regular video publisher and they like to know that they’re going to get some value out of subscribing. When you post more videos or start a playlist that indicates an intention to start a video series on a subject, you’re going to get more subscribers simply because they want to be notified when you upload your next video!

So the content of your video is important but frequency is also important.


I hope you enjoyed these tips! They’re the same things that I did to get the ball rolling and they’ve proven to be very effective for me. Put them to good use!


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