Finding a Niche for Your YouTube Channel

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Finding a Niche for Your YouTube Channel

The term ‘niche’ in business is essentially another term for focus or concentration. If refer to many of the top YouTubers today, they will generally have a core focus on a specific topic and find ways to make their channel unique. This in turn will develop an audience by focusing on a category to add consistency and set expectations for your viewers.

Of course, we would love to do it all in one channel and share all the things we enjoy. Unfortunately, as a viewer, we want content that is specific and unique. It’s not different than watching cable TV and referring to the sports channel versus the movie channel.

Building an early following will take place when you have a channel you develop a niche in terms of your content. Below are some tips to follow to get your channel going.

Tips to Finding and Building a Niche

1) Select a general topic (make-up, gaming, etc.) and find an area within that category for you to focus on.

I’ve seen this time and time again with gaming. There are dedicated channels that have hundreds of thousands subscribers that only cover one game. Yes, ONE game. Minecraft, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, and the list goes on. These channels provide gameplay, commentary, and tips of just one game, which lures in that dedicated audience.

By having this core focus of one game, not only do their audience members know what to expect but it also builds a community where users can interact with each other under their videos. You don’t just want viewers, you want a community.

2) Be able to describe your channel in one sentence.

Can you tell me what your channel is within one sentence? If yes, great! If not, you’re going to need to take a step back and again, find a focus.

People have a better chance of clicking that subscribe button when they not only like your current content, but can anticipate the quality of content of your future videos. A catchy description will do wonders to your personal brand but not always necessary.


Unbox Therapy: “Where Products Get Naked”

Life According to Jimmy: “Funny sketches every Monday. Simple as that, but at the same time not simple at all. You know what I’m saying.

Michelle Phan: Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best makeup artist”

3) Decide one thing you’ll do differently than other channels.

It’s only only important to building a niche by selecting a topic. But, you should also find ways to stand out and have videos that keep you different.

4) Be consistent with your content and have a routine.

If you’re not consistently creating content than there is no reason users to subscribe. Have a consistent time frame of content and include that within your header information. It’s important for your audience to keep in mind when the next video is coming out.

5) Let users know why you’re unique and why they should subscribe.

I remember the early beginning of LAHWF, a channel of social experiments on college campuses. His unique style of being extremely awkward in social encounters has given him rapid growth to over 1.5 million subscribers in only 2 years. Subtly, within his videos, he describes to his ‘test subjects’ that his channel is about social experiments and that they should subscribe. This triggers a reaction that gives the viewer a reason to stay in tune with the channel.

6) Keep your personal channel separate. 

Of course you’d like to share your behind the scenes and vlogging experiences with your current subscribers, but doing so will dilute your channel and not give the direct content that your user is looking for on a daily basis. If you have die hard fans, they’ll follow your second channel, but be sure to keep this a separate endeavour.

Overall, the purpose of this article is to articulate that your channel needs to have laser sharp focus on the type of content you create, the category you want to focus on, and the unique value you can offer to your future fans. The more you confuse people with videos from all sorts of categories, users will be more hesitant to subscribe.