5 Tutorials for Budget DIY Video Lighting Kits

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5 Tutorials for Budget DIY Video Lighting Kits

Think you need to spend hundreds of dollars to create a professional looking video?

Not entirely true!

Having great lighting can make a world of difference and make your video look a lot more credible. What a lot of beginner video creators don’t realize is that you can actually cobble together some decent lighting for your video for under $100.

The most important thing is to understand what kind of lighting you want and where to place the lights to get even lighting.

Here are 5 do-it-yourself tutorial videos that teach exactly how to put together an affordable video lighting kit for those of us who haven’t made it big yet!

1. Down and Dirty Lighting Kit by Wistia
Wistia Down and Dirty Lighting Kit

2. DIY Lighting Under $30 for Video’s & Photos

3. How-to: Powerful DIY video light (800 watt equivalent)

4. DIY: Make Your Own Basic Lighting Kit at Home

5. DIY Video Lighting | Video Production