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25 August


Sharon Farrell is celebrating over 100K subscribers with a massive giveaway worth over ($700)! It is an international giveaway which you can enter below. = ENTER HERE

1 July

New YouTube Creator Tools Shared at Vidcon

According to TechCrunch, a number of new creator tools will be coming soon for YouTubers. YouTube Creator Studio App (Android, Coming Soon to iOS)  Allows user to manage their page via a native application. Google Play Link: Download Here. More Audio Files and Sound Effects More Royalty free sound effects available for use. 60 FPS Especially […]

23 June

How To Gain More YouTube Views

As we mentioned in another previous post, in this day and age of YouTube, standing out by focusing on your niche will help you develop the audience early on. However, you want to create videos that they can enjoy time and time again. Here are some basic strategies to help you get your videos out […]

16 June

Five Tips To Get Your First 100 Subscribers

I remember when I first started out as a creator on YouTube, it took me a long time to record, edit and upload my first video. I felt like king of the world when I hit that publish button! Unfortunately, what happens is that the initial feeling of accomplishment will fade and then you realize […]

Meet the guys

The two fellas behind Gimmy It

  • John Kim

    Hello! My name is John and I’m one of the co-founders for a mobile gaming site called GameMob. Our YouTube channel has grown tremendously in our first year with over 900,000 monthly views.  On I want to share my experiences with how I’ve grown my audience through content and video marketing, utilizing tools such as Gimmy It to create social giveaways across all platforms.

    - John Kim
  • Chris Ching

    Chris handles programming stuff around here. Aside from working on GimmyIt, Chris can be found at, a site on iOS programming which grew it’s roots on YouTube videos!

    - Chris Ching